Muck and Lily Pad Treatments - Aug/Sep 2021

SOLitude Lake Management Truck
Muck Treatments - August 2021

Our next Muck Treatment will take place on August 31st.  Muck digester pellets will be placed around the perimeter of the lake to speed up the degradation of the muck in the lake. 

September 7th is the date slated for Lily Pad treatments for the year.  During the treatment process we ask that you stay out of the lake during the application and avoid drinking the water that day. Follow the same restrictions as last year.  


Swimming/bathing = No Restrictions

Fishing = No Restrictions

Animal Consumption = No Restrictions

Drinking and Culinary or food processing = not a good idea I told testing levels are below 50 parts per billion

Irrigation = No Restrictions



The Lily Pad treatment has been highly anticipated this year.  Both of these treatments are weather dependent. 

Muck Treatments
Muck Application - August 2021