Lake Gerry Association

The Lake Gerry Association is located in Oxford, NY.  Our mission is to protect and preserve Lake Gerry through responsible community development and management of our lake resources.   


About Lake Gerry

Lake Gerry is an approximately 45 acre freshwater lake located in the town of Oxford, in Chenango County, NY. The lake was formed 500 billion years ago when a meteor from a distant galaxy plummeted to the earth leaving behind a 25 ft deep crater and extraordinarily proliferative lilypads.

(or however the lake was formed… Natural or man made. I have no idea.

Also include maybe the founding members of the community. People love this kind of history. Well, I do at least.

Lake Gerry Rules

Residents of the Lake Gerry community are asked to follow a few rules to help us promote a fun, safe and enjoyable experience at the lake. 

Click below to see the latest rules of the lake. 

Lake Rules

Events Calendar

May, 2022
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Lake Gerry Association meetings are generally held on the second weekend of the month from May to September.  Currently meetings are held at the Charles Kelley Rd. Pavilion starting at 1:00pm and going until business is complete.  (Usually around 2:30)

Meetings are officiated by the Lake Gerry Association Board and all Lake Gerry Association members are encouraged to attend.

Meeting minutes and/or summary will be published a within a day or three after the meeting. 

If you have an item you would like discussed at the Association meeting, contact an officer or email us at:


The Lake Gerry Association encourages community engagement by providing many social events throughout the season. 

Find out about other events around the area. 

The Lake Gerry Association survives through volunteers helping improve the community.  Here are some volunteer events. 

The Pine Road Pavilion is located at the end of Pine Road on Lake Gerry.  The pavilion is on the shore of Lake Gerry. 

Parking in this pavilion is very limited and we ask that if you use this pavilion, please be respectful of the residents near the pavilion. 

The Charles Kelley Road Pavilion is located at the South Eastern entrance of Charles Kelley Rd.  This pavilion provides ample parking and accessibility.  The grassy areas do tend to get soft so we ask that you refrain from parking and driving across the lawn.  

The Charles Kelley Road Pavilion has a flat-top grill ... 

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Lake Gerry cleanup and maintenance events will be posted here. 

Other important dates to remember for various things related to Lake Gerry. 

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