Fish Stocking - Fall 2021

Lake Gerry Fish Stocking - Fall 2021


Hicklings Fish Farm in Edmeston delivered this fall's fish stock and added them to the lake this week.  Through your very generous donations we added: 

100 Perch;  100 Black Crappie;  5000 fathead minnows (the original plan was 1000, but a donor sponsored an additional 4000 to be added).  

100 Largemouth Bass will be added in the Spring. 


Certain species of fish are added to the lake during different times of the year that are best for their survivability.  In the spring we will purchase more Grass Carp with our Adopt-a-Carp program.  Any other fish species that are available in the spring will be added at that time. 


 To help us purchase more Grass Carp for Lake Gerry: 


If you would like to make a donation to the Lake Gerry Fish Fund: