Lily Pad Removal Update - Jan 2022

The Lake Gerry Lily Pad cleanup efforts continued this year.  While the lily pad treatment was later than we anticipated, we are seeing good results around the lake this winter. 

Many large sections of lily pad roots/rhizomes are starting to float to the surface.  The lily-pad removal in conjunction with the monthly muck treatments are going to improve the overall health of Lake Gerry.  We will see an improvement in water quality, aquatic life and recreational capabilities as these treatments continue.  

Lily pad rhizomes surfacing


Please remember that this process takes time, money and volunteers.  If you can spare any of those things, please let us know or click the link below to donate to the Lake Gerry Preservation/Cleanup fund. 

Lake Preservation Fund - $20 Donation
Lake Preservation Fund - $20 Donation

$20 Donation towards the Lake Gerry Preservation Fund.