LGA Meeting Agenda - May 2022

Below is the list of topics we would like to discuss at our May 2022 meeting which also includes many of our plans for the year.  To see more details about these topics please login and see the summary of the meeting in the Members, Meeting Minutes section of the website.

LGA 2022 Agenda  - May 2022


  • Solitude recommends this year be the last to spray
  • Cleanup Wood around Pavilion – Lake Steward Report
  • Take down out-buildings behind pavilion – Chris M.
  • Review and Plan play area at pavilion
  • Redo Beach Area – Chris M.
  • Plan out fundraising
  • Plan out activities
  • Review and plan out Lake Days
  • Audit – Done at board meeting
  • Water Testing – Solitude will do
  • Fish Stocking – Lake Steward Report
  • Fire Inspection – Lake Steward Report
  • Put up second sets of posts by entry signs
  • Schedule Port-a-Potty Cleaning
  • Clean up flower beds at entry ways – David Moy volunteered
  • Review Solitude Proposals
  • Review Pavilion proposals and set a plan of action – Pine Road begun, Picnic tables update
  • Lake access signs to be added off Charles Kelley
  • Paul Drop, Olga Hover, John Beebe passing --  John’s Celebration of life June 19th – 1-3pm
  • Walter Talgo to fill vice president til end of season
  • Secretary position is open  -- filled by Julie T.
  • September Officer voting
  • By-laws update – Taxes and legal bills
  • Give update about codes and abandoned houses
  • Give updates about all new property ideas from Oxford
  • Camper Proposals