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02/15/2021 10:26 AM | Anonymous

Muck Remediation

If you have entered Lake Gerry recently, you know about muck. It is the layer of sludge left behind by decaying plants that clouds up the water and creates the inches to feet thick layer above the gravel bottom of the lake. Muck in a lake is a natural process of decomposition, but that doesn't make it any less annoying or detrimental to the health of the lake.

The removal of muck from the lake will be an important component of restoring and maintaining a healthy ecosystem that supports the fishery and wildlife while improving our ability to utilize and enjoy the lake.

Muck removal can occur in several ways.

  • Manual removal involves the physical removal of the muck layer from the lake, typically by utilizing dredging equipment or pumps. As the muck is removed it is placed in a separate containment system where the water can be removed either by evaporation or separation from the muck as it resettles in its new container.
  • Circulation of water will reduce or eliminate muck in a particular spot. In a small, still-water lake, this isn't possible.
  • Muck Digesters - are bioactive enzymes and bacteria that are specially designed to enhance the decomposition of the muck. Essentially, speeding up biology while maintaining a safe environment for the inhabitants of the lake. Muck Digesters typically come in pellet or tea-bag like preparations and are added to the lake when the water reaches a certain temperature range. These pellets sink to the muck layer where they come to life and begin breaking down the muck. To maximize the benefits of muck digesters, they must be combined with aeration or movement of the water column. This is often accomplished by pumping tiny bubbles into areas that have muck digester pellets in use. A high quality muck digester and aeration system can help eliminate inches of much every couple weeks.

The Lake Gerry Association utilizes the help of a Lake Management company to help advise us on the best course of action for muck remediation and maintenance of Lake Gerry.

Our Muck Remediation plan will involve several steps that are being taken, which will take several years to see our efforts realized. We ask that you please be patient and help both physically and financially when you can. A better, cleaner lake will provide a healthier environment for all of us.

Lake Gerry Association is a non-profit organization. PO Box 665 Oxford, NY 13830

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