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  • 03/30/2023 2:26 PM | Anonymous

    Hi Everyone, 

    Membership renewals for the 2023/24 Season will be sent out in the next few days.  Please watch your email in-box for information on how to renew. 

    We made some pretty significant changes to memberships starting this season:

    • You will no longer need to purchase individual guest passes. 
    • We have eliminated the Extra Vote option for members
    • We are no longer charging extra for Boat Stickers, though every boat on Lake Gerry MUST have a current Lake Gerry Association Boat Sticker. 

    We are streamlining the donation funds for the Lake Gerry Association also, please consider rounding-up your membership or making a contribution to help us maintain the association's properties throughout the year. 

    Our goal is to make the registration process fast and easy for members and the board.  Should you have any problems please reach out to us via email at:

    We look forward to seeing everyone at our first Lake Gerry Association meeting on May 21st. 

    ** Please Note:  Each Membership Renewal will default to adding any previous donations to your membership for the year.  You are not obligated to donate again and can zero those out if you need to on the membership application.   If you would like to donate, or add funds, it can be changed there as well.  

    Thanks and we look forward to a great year!

  • 10/27/2022 7:31 AM | Anonymous

    Lake Maintenance - 

    Last week the Lake Gerry egress/spillway was cleaned out and a new cage was attached to help with flow from the lake. 


    We also completed the posts for the lake entrance signs. 

    Also, there are just a couple days left before the shotgun raffle!  Be sure to buy your tickets from Mayhoods, a LGA Board Member or from our website by clicking on the Shop button.   

  • 10/14/2022 8:54 AM | Anonymous

    Time is drawing closer to the drawing for our shotgun Raffle!   The drawing will be held on November 1st.   Win the Mossberg 500 - 12g shotgun, or a $600 Mayhoods Sporting Goods Gift Card!

    To purchase tickets, click on the Shop button on the top of the website. 

    All proceeds from this raffle will go toward the restoration and preservation of Lake Gerry. 

  • 10/06/2022 8:58 AM | Anonymous

    Today we added 600 Catfish to Lake Gerry along with 5000 fathead minnows to help feed our game fish.  We will be adding our Yellow Perch next month. 

    Last Thursday SOLitude Lake Management company was at the lake to apply our last herbicide treatment to take care of the lily pads.  They brought the airboat and were able to easily navigate into some of the worst lily pad areas on the lake!  Yay!   Please remember we won't see the effectiveness of these treatments until the spring and summer.  

    Air Boat applying herbicide to lily pads

  • 09/07/2022 2:09 PM | Anonymous

    Sadly we have just been informed that our Lake Gerry Association Treasurer - David M. will be stepping down from his position.  We want to thank him for his years of service and help wo the Lake Gerry Association and wish him the best of luck. 

    Past Treasurer, Marc Speziali will be filling in for David as we look for his replacement.  We will be continuing the audit process this fall with the board and trustees.  

    Dear Pauline,

    As of September 3, 2022, I am resigning from my position as treasurer of the Lake Gerry Association.  My health is impacted because of the responsibilities of the position.  Due to many family issues that I must handle now until next year, I cannot maintain my services to the lake association.

    Dave Moy

  • 09/02/2022 8:09 AM | Anonymous

    Welcome to the new Lake Gerry website.  Over the past two years we have been working toward a web platform and member experience that will be helpful and easy to use.  I have been designing and testing this new website for the past month and should have most of the bugs worked out.  

    Current Lake Gerry members will be able to sign-in to the members-only section of the website by using your email address.  If it is your first time signing in to the new website, you will need to reset your password by pressing the 'Forgot Password' button.  This will then email you a temporary password.  

    I am still waiting on finalizing the payment platform on this site.  That will hopefully happen in the next few days.  Once that is up and running you will be able to join/renew/donate and buy items to help support Lake Gerry.  

    This website will allow you to interact with each other and the board through member forums.  Here we hope you will have some fun and help us discuss topics that are important to our community. 

    This website will also allow the Lake Gerry Association Board members to easily post their updates to the community via: Email Newsletters, News Blogs and in the Forums.  This will cut down the amount of second or third hand sources and give us an accurate voice for the community. 

    I hope you all find our new Lake Gerry Association website easy to use, full of useful information and a valuable resource for the community and potential home buyers.  Please feel free to reach out and let me know if there is anything else you would like to see or if you experience any issues. 

    - Tim

  • 08/14/2022 5:01 PM | Anonymous

    Lake Gerry Association Meeting

    Unofficial Summary – August 14, 2022

    Lily Pad Treatments have been scheduled tentatively for the end of August, and hopefully before Labor Day.  Please keep in mind that this schedule is highly variable and may not occur for several weeks.  The lily pad treatments will be a focused effort in the dense areas in the corners of the lake.  This will be the last planned lily pad treatment.

    There will be several trees on Ellis Lane being cut down in the coming weeks.  This same company will be cutting back trees around the pavilion that are 4 inches in diameter or less.  This will help the pavilion get more sunlight and help dry out the surrounding area.

    The Port-a-potty was cleaned this week.

    The Lifetime Membership Plaque at the Charles Kelley Rd. Pavilion has been updated.

    We are investigating a product called the Neptune Rake to aid in the muck removal in the lake.  We will be reaching out to fabricators to see if we could build something similar.  Removal of the muck may require permission from waterfront property owners to give us a place to remove the muck.

    There are openings for a Permanent Board Member and a Trustee position.   Erich Kennedy was nominated and voted in as a permanent board member of the Lake Gerry Association.  David Depew was nominated and voted into the Trustee position.

    The Chicken BBQ will be held on Saturday September 20th starting at 12:00pm.  Previous correspondence said 1:00, however the new time is 12:00pm.  There are about 55 dinners ordered.  If you haven’t yet and would like to order a Chicken Dinner from Phil’s Chicken House the cost is $15 each and includes ½ a BBQ chicken, Salt Potatoes, Coleslaw and a Dinner roll.  The Association will provide drinks and members are asked to bring a dessert to share.

    During the Chicken BBQ, we will be having a fundraising raffle for several items including: Artwork, a tent, a canoe and other camping equipment. Items are coming in all the time so be sure to stop by and drop a ticket in for any items you would like.

    The annual Lake Gerry Boat Parade will be held on Saturday August 20th at 5:00pm.  Trophies will be awarded.  Participants are to decorate their boat (the more fun the better) and take a lap around the lake drumming up support.  Judging will take place at the beach. The more that participate the more fun everyone will have.

    The port-a-potty at the Charles Kelley Rd Pavilion is aging and a bit small.  We will be looking into finding an affordable replacement.

    In the coming days or weeks we will be launching a newer version of our website.  This website will reflect changes based on your usage of the site and what the community needs.  It will also streamline the payment process and provide more effective newsletter emails to be delivered.  It should eliminate many of the bugs we encountered in the old system and create better experiences for our members and the general public.  The login credentials you use on the current website will no longer work on the new version.  You will login with your email address and create a new password.  This new site will also allow you to add other members of your household to the website so they can access member-only content as well.  Check the website often for the latest information.

    We have had some incidents on the lake involving members and non-members that violates our code of conduct.  If you are involved in any incidents or see them occurring, please call 911.  Threatening behavior toward anyone will not be tolerated, at any time.

    There have been many reports of non-members using the lake and members who have not been purchasing guest passes for people visiting the lake.  If you see this happening, please call 911 and report them for trespassing.  All guests must always have a guest pass lanyard on them while using Lake Gerry.  You can purchase additional guest passes on the website. 

    A vote was held by attending members that will eliminate the Extra Household Vote available with each membership.  This will return our voting rolls to one vote per membership and will eliminate potentially unfair voting practices.

    Our next Lake Gerry Association meeting was going to be held on Sunday September 11th.  Instead, out of respect for September 11th remembrance we will hold the last Lake Gerry Association meeting on Sunday, September 18th.  During this meeting we will be holding several very important membership votes.  There will be additional descriptions of the votes coming from Pauline in the next few days.   I will post them once I receive them.  These topics will include:  Annual Membership Fees Evaluation, Elimination of the Early Bird Guest Membership, Changes to By-laws and the elimination of the guest pass system and changes to the Lake Gerry Association Membership structure.

    It is very important that you read up on these efforts and attend the September meeting if you would like your voice counted.

  • 07/30/2022 11:19 AM | Anonymous

    During the month of August, we will be testing a new membership and association administration platform.  I will be redesigning the website to something that is easier to use and provides important information to members and potential home buyers on the lake.  

    My hope is that this will improve accessibility to all our members and allow the LGA board to communicate to its members more efficiently.  

  • 07/20/2022 8:11 AM | Anonymous

    We will be condensing our Lake Days activities into a single day this year.  We will be hosting a Chicken BBQ catered by Phil's Chicken House on August 20th.  BBQ Dinners must be pre-ordered by August 8th by mailing payment to PO Box 665 Oxford, NY 13830


    There will also be our annual Lake Preservation fundraiser held at the chicken bbq.   This year instead of the auction, we will be holding raffles for donated items. 

    If you have any special thing you make or would like to donate to help us raise funds, please contact Carol Birdsall  (contact info will be coming).  

    Suggested items include:  Gift Baskets/Cards, Homemade Items like: quilts, woodworking, art.  Fishing/outdoor equipment/gear.  

  • 07/10/2022 11:57 AM | Anonymous

    Lake Gerry Association Meeting

    July 10, 2022

    Unofficial Summary


    Treasurer's Report --  See Financial Summary in member section

    Lake Steward Report -- Given by Pauline:  

    • Pine Road Pavilion - being painted today and upgrades have been completed.  It did run a bit over budget, but should be much improved.  We encourage all Lake Gerry Association Members to use this facility with their families.  Reminder:  There is limited parking next to the pavilion.  You may also exit Pine Road via the access lane that connects Pine Road with Kent Road.  This road has not been traveled much, and is narrow.  NOTE: This is NOT a foot path, but an actual road to be available to all Lake Gerry Members. 
    • Fire Inspections - Required fire-extinguishers and first aid kits are now available at each pavilion.  It is unlikely that we will get to completing the required renovations on the Charles Kelley Road Pavilion this year due to budget constraints.   It will become a priority once funds are available. 
    • Beach -  The beach has become overrun with muck and aquatic vegetation.   This will become a testing site for a new Muck treatment called Muck Doctor that was recommended by Weeders Digest.  These muck "spikes" will be placed this week and evaluated for their effectiveness.  There will also be a new donation of sand to the beach shortly. 


    A question was raised by a new member about plowing the roads during the winter.   Note: The Lake Gerry Association does NOT maintain roads or lanes around Lake Gerry.  Road/Lane Maintenance is to be performed by residents on these roads.   A page on the website will be dedicated to community members who provide these services.  If you offer these services or know of a reliable contact, please let us know by emailing:


    Officer Nominations:   We will need nominees for President, Vice President and Lake Steward.  As of this meeting there were NO volunteers.  We will be putting together a more comprehensive list of duties for each officer in hopes of attracting a competent leadership team.    


    We currently have a problem with guest passes not being used on the lake.  There is a proposal to limit the liability of Lake Gerry Guests by including them in a resident's home-owners policy.  Note:  Non-Members and guests of members without guest passes are trespassing on Lake Gerry and will be subject to trespassing charges. 


    Financial Vote -  During the September meeting, we will be voting on new Board leadership as well as having a financial vote to decide if we need to increase association dues and what to do about boat and guest passes.  Please be sure to attend. 


    Lake Restoration/Preservation --  Our last scheduled muck treatment will occur this week by SOLitude Lake Management.   They will be evaluating the floating islands of muck that are arising with the lily-pad die-offs.  We anticipate the price of these services to be very high and will be reevaluating our options in the fall.   Our last lily pad treatment is planned for August.  We will be focusing these treatments on the real dense areas at the ends of the lake.   After this year, we will be doing spot treatments as needed.  We are also investigating the purchase of a mechanical cutter to help maintain the lake better from now-on. 


    Lake Days -  The attendance over the past couple years has sucked and it has been costing the association a lot of money in wasted food and time.  We are considering shrinking down the weekend events to just a single Lake Day for now, until it gains tractions again.  We are looking into pre-ordered meals to be provided by a catering service (currently looking at Phil's Chicken House) - Each attendee will have to order their meals and can pick them up at a designated time.  They can be enjoyed at the pavilion with other members, or can be taken home to eat.  We are looking at getting rid of the Auction as lately it has been mostly junk and raised no money.  Instead, we are looking at offering raffles for various items such as: Quilts, Wine, Gift Cards, Gift Baskets, etc.   We will know more about this in the coming weeks. 


    Entrance/Sign Planters have become overgrown.  We have hired a local gentleman to weed and maintain these gardens for us on a monthly basis. 

    Peg Philips has made a proposal to purchase an un-used access lane adjacent to her property.   The access lane does not service any homes or properties. 


    Fish Derby - was a huge success this year.  Thank you for all those involved and who donated time and prizes.  There were 23 registered and everyone had a great time.  We were even able to meet some new residents on the lake.  We look forward to continuing this tradition next year. 



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