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A Note from Pauline - April 2024

04/04/2024 2:58 PM | Anonymous


Greetings Lake Gerry Association! Season 2024 is here. 2023 proved to be busy and productive.  The Charles Kelley Pavilion received some much-needed attention. It is now straighter and more structurally sound. Once the weather cooperates some minor details will be attended to.

         The beavers were prolific in 2023. Trapping and mitigating their damage were essential to the lake. This effort was no small feat. The spillway was cleaned up and cleaned out regularly as it was plugged repeatedly.

         This season the beach will need some attention. Members have made several suggestions about the stone base at the pavilion, and they will be discussed and voted on at our meetings.

         Solitude will be coming to meet with our board to discuss further efforts to improve our lake quality. When that meeting takes place, the proposals will be brought to the members.

         This is an election year for LGA members please think about joining the board!!!

         This is also a year to review and update the LGA bylaws. The procedure for this will be explained at the first meeting.

         ALWAYS stay engaged! The LGA website is a wealth of information. If you are unable to make a meeting check for updates there.

         Lastly, this year let’s celebrate the talents of our members. This community is home to painters, photographers, wood workers and quilters. Showcasing their talents will be an LGA goal this season!

Let’s Go LGA!!

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