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Lake Gerry Association - June 2024 Meeting

06/12/2024 3:57 PM | Anonymous

Lake Gerry Association

June 2024 Meeting

Unofficial Meeting Notes

Treasurer’s Report -  We spent some money on our insurance policy, safe deposit box, trophies for fish derby and boat parade.  Cleaning up and maintaining the areas around the pavilions.  We had a new sign made for the pavilion.  We had a very generous donation to the fish fund that will be put toward adding more fat head minnows in the fall. 

Lake Steward Report -  The ruts around the Charles Kelley Rd pavilion have been filled.   The port-a-potty was emptied, but not without some drama.   The pavilions both had their fire-inspections.  Marc will be picking up the grass carp for he lake on Tuesday from Hickling’s fish farm.

Past stocking: 

2022 we added 600 Catfish to the lake.  (Please let us know if you are catching any.  We may need to build a few spawning tubes for them to start reproducing).  5000 fathead minnows and 100 perch. 

2023 – we added 75 Large Mouth Bass.  10,000 fathead minnows. 20 grass carp

We will be deciding what to add in 2024 but will be aiming to beef up the feeder minnow population in the lake to help support the bass population.

President’s Report – Already this year there have been some individuals leaving things in the Lake Gerry access lanes causing other members to not be able to use the lake.   Please see the Lake Gerry Association By-Laws and Code-of-Conduct for rules about rights-of-way.  All boats without current LGA Member Boat Stickers may be removed. A reminder to be good to your neighbors and respectful of others.

Last year we changed the format of what used to be called Lake Days in the middle of August.  We combined the pancake breakfast, ice cream social and fishing derby to occur on the same day.  Last year this was a huge success, and we will continue this new tradition.  Saturday July 6th will start with a pancake breakfast from 9:00am – 11:00am at the Charles Kelley Road pavilion.  The Fishing derby will be from 9:00am – 1:00pm, the Beckwith family has agreed to host the derby again this year at their dock.  The Ice Cream Social will take place that evening between 6:00 – 8:00pm.  If you’re a new member and have any questions, please send me an email and I’ll try to fill you in on these events as best I can.

2024 is a by-laws and election year.  We want to try to have nominations for all officers and several trustee positions presented at the July 14th meeting.  If you are interested in volunteering to help keep the Lake Gerry community improving and thriving, please attend this meeting or email myself or contact any LGA board member.   The elections will be at the September meeting.  We will also begin discussing any potential changes to our by-laws at the July meeting.

We had a review of our insurance policy now that several major projects have been completed.  We will need to mark hazardous Lake Gerry properties with caution tape and post that access is not permitted to these areas. 

There was a spirited and confusing debate pertaining to property lines and surveys dating back a few decades.  A reminder that moving, removing or damaging survey pins in any way is illegal and could result in fines and hefty fees to re-establish boundaries. 

We have not met with Solitude Lake Management about the lily-pad and pond weed overgrowth or muck remediation yet.  We have collected information to help them formulate a plan for us and we will be discussing solutions as we get them.  In the meantime, feel free to cut path’s from your property to the lake if you need to. 

We did discuss dogs and dog bites again at this meeting, but you can read the notes from any other meeting and see the recommendations. 

Lastly, please remember that everyone here is a volunteer, and we are all trying to help each other and to make Lake Gerry a great place to live and visit.  We will need volunteers for the board next year, in the future, and for projects around the lake. 

Lake Gerry Association is a non-profit organization. PO Box 665 Oxford, NY 13830

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