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Lake Gerry - Frequently Asked Questions

Whether new to the Lake Gerry Community or a long-time resident, here is a compilation of questions and answers received by the Lake Gerry Association.  


Who should I contact: 

Membership, Guest passes or Boat Stickers: or contact a LGA Board Member.  They may also be purchased on this website.

Trespassing, ATV's on roadways and other illegal activity:  Call 911 to have them dispatch the correct services.

Issues with Lake-Access or Right of Ways: or contact a LGA Board Member.

Questionable building practices: Call 911 for emergencies or the Town of Oxford

Illegal fish and game activities:   Contact the NYSDEC ECON Officers at 1-844-332-3267

Environmental Concerns: Contact the NYSDEC at

Questions about construction permits:

Stray, nuisance or unleashed dogs:  Dog Warden: 607-952-6025

Pavilion Usage/Reservations: or a LGA Board Member.  


When are Lake Gerry Association Meetings and can I attend?

Lake Gerry Association meetings occur on the 2nd Sunday of the month starting the Sunday following Mother's day in May and ending on the 2nd Sunday in September. Emergency meetings may be called at any time if pressing information is needed.  These meetings are open to all members.  Future members may attend but should identify themselves to board members prior to the start of the meeting.  Meetings run from 1pm until business is settled (generally 2 or 3pm).


Who needs a guest pass to access Lake Gerry? 

Anyone who is not a household member of the Lake Gerry Association and 16 years and older will need a guest pass to access the lake.  Anyone under 16 does not require a guest pass but should be accompanied by a member or person possessing a guest pass.   Guest passes cannot be given to non-members who reside at the lake.  Guest passes are non-transferrable. 


My property was listed by the Realtor as having "lake rights" or "deeded access to lake":

No properties surrounding Lake Gerry have deeded lake rights.  Each property owner must be a member of the Lake Gerry Association to have access to Lake Gerry and the Association's right-of-ways. 

Why are there so many homes up for sale at Lake Gerry in 2022?

Sadly, the Lake Gerry community lost a long time member, past president and owner of many properties around Lake Gerry.  Most of the homes/properties up for sale are from his estate. 

Is there public access to Lake Gerry?

No.  Lake Gerry is a private lake and usage is reserved for members of the Lake Gerry Association and their guests. 


Where can I buy supplies for my lake home?

The Town of Oxford has several very handy and convenient stores.  The City of Norwich also has several places to shop for your needs.  All are within 15 minutes of Lake Gerry. 


Do I need a fishing license to fish in Lake Gerry?  

Yes, all New York State Fishing and Game laws apply to Lake Gerry including fishing seasons and bag limits. 


What kind of fish are in Lake Gerry. 

Species of fish frequently caught at Lake Gerry include:  Large Mouth Bass, Perch, Pickerel, Bluegill and Crappie.  There are rumors of other species in the lake that are not caught with any reliable frequency. 


Can we waterski on Lake Gerry?

No.  Power boats, gas motors specifically, are not allowed on Lake Gerry.  Boats that may be used on Lake Gerry include:  Canoes, Kayaks, Pedal Boats, Paddle Boards, Small Sail Boats, Row boats, electric trolling motors are permitted. 


Is there internet available at Lake Gerry? 

Yes, there are options for high-speed internet available to the homes around Lake Gerry. 


Is there cell phone service at Lake Gerry?

Yes, but it is spotty in places.  


Is there garbage pick-up around Lake Gerry?

Yes, there are residential trash and recycling services that provide pick-up services around the lake. 


What do I do about a septic holding tank?

There are private companies that will come and pump your septic tank.  The rates vary depending on time and quantity.  It is a good idea to establish a schedule to have your tank pumped and maintained. 


Can we receive mail at our Lake Gerry Home?

Yes, the USPS delivers to homes daily around the lake.  See USPS about setting up postal service to your lake home. USPS may not travel down private roads or lanes.


Can I build an addition on my lake home? 

The Lake Gerry Association does not restrict how you build on your property, however, you must follow all required permitting and codes regulations set forth by the Town of Oxford and New York State. 


What can I do about all these lily pads?

 The Lake Gerry Association has several Lily Pad Cutters that are available for you to trim back the lily pads.  Several years ago we started contracting with a company to treat the lily pads with a herbicide.  We ask that if a Lily Pad treatment will occur that year that you limit the amount you cut back so that the herbicide can be applied to more effectively kill the lily pad roots. 


Who takes care of my private road or the roads around Lake Gerry?

Charles Kelley Rd is a county road and maintained by Chenango County.  The roads leading off Charles Kelley road or New Virginia Road are private roads and are maintained by the residents who live on abutting properties.  The Lake Gerry Association does not maintain any road ways or access points.  Residents need to coordinate with neighbors to maintain the roads including grading and plowing. 

Lake Gerry Association is a non-profit organization. PO Box 665 Oxford, NY 13830

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