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Rules of the Lake

  • All members/guests are required to abide by the Lake Gerry Association By-Laws, as provided for reference.
  • The Lake Gerry community is located in the Town of Oxford, Chenango County.  All town laws, regulations and ordinances are to be followed.
  • Guests must have a current Lake Gerry Association Member Guest Pass with them while using the lake.  At anytime a Lake Gerry Associate may ask for you to present proof of your lake status.  If you cannot provide lake passes, you will be asked to leave.  Lake Gerry is a private lake and posted as such at all access points.  Trespassers will be prosecuted.
  • Quiet time is to be followed between the hours of 11pm and 9am.  Music, loud noises and/or voices are not permitted.  Please be respectful of your neighbors and remember sound carries across the water.
  • Clean boats thoroughly before use at Lake Gerry.  This helps to decrease the likelihood of introducing foreign organisms, bacteria and algae to our lake.  It is important to avoid cross-contamination from other lakes and bodies of water to maintain our sensitive and valuable lake ecosystem.
  • All dogs are to be leashed when off of owner’s property.  No dogs are allowed to run free.  No animals are to defecate or urinate upon property other than that of the owner.  Any deposits are to be bagged and disposed of properly. 
  • All Floating docks and docks attached to lake front property are private property. Please do not use these docks without permission from property owner.  Trespassers can be prosecuted.
  • While fishing on the lake, New York State fishing regulations are in affect including bag limits and life-jacket requirements.
  • ATV’s, Dirt bikes, snowmobiles are NOT permitted on the main lake road, private roads/lanes or any of the Lake Gerry Association properties. 
  • Motor Boats on Lake Gerry are restricted to small electric trolling motors only.  Gas, Diesel, and propane/natural gas motors are strictly prohibited.
  • If ice fishing is permitted for the year, gas/propane augers or saws are strictly prohibited from being used on the lake.
  • Discharging firearms is not allowed at Lake Gerry.  Under New York State law and Chenango County regulations firearms may not be discharged within 500 ft of a dwelling.

Lake Gerry Association is a non-profit organization. PO Box 665 Oxford, NY 13830

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